Recent Research on Online Teaching and Learning: Implications for Practice - 2 (Cascade C)

Karen Sanders, Estrella Foothills High School
Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University
Michael K. Barbour, Wayne State University
Richard Ferdig, Kent State University
Rob Darrow, Clovis Online School

Susan Lowes, Institute for Learning Technologies, Teachers College/Columbia University In this panel, researchers will present recent research with immediate implications for practitioners, including teachers, administrators, and course designers. You will hear about research on urban high school students' perceptions of a blended course (Barbour); how brick-and-mortar schools can hire effective online teachers (Sanders and Archambault); the successes of at-risk students in an online charter school (Darrow); and findings from work with the Virtual School Clearinghouse (Ferdig).

Karen Sanders and Leanna Archambault - Hiring Online Teachers for Supplemental Programs (Powerpoint)

Rob Darrow - A comparative study between online charter and traditional high school in California

Michael Barbour - Blended Learning in Urban Schools