From Model to Practice: Building Successful Online Learning Programs

John Canuel, Blackboard
Judy Bauernschmidt, Jeffco Public Schools

Ed Tech has their own online edu dept. They use Bb giving a common look and feel for teaching, learning, collaborating, and communicating. 99% reliability. Addss the needs district wide of budgets, students leaving, dropout/grad rate. Departments include homebound, GT, SPED, student outreach. Transition grades where MS take HS courses for HS credit. FTE teachers being certified to design and deliv online curriculum. Elective needs the most help. FTE the expect a reduction in force and will address with virtual across the county.

Consultant role makes site visits and meets with principal, counselors, departments to figure out the diff ways that virtual can support them. Zno cost to schools for online courses. Courses are free but require PD for those that want to teach. More than 400 teachers are OIT certified. We need to put this course imPS. Developed PLC for collaboration among the virtual teachers.

JeffCo uses third party as well as developing their own courses. Including playgournds within their lms to give students options. Delivery options include full time and the CRR model. CRR is mastery based and self paced. Blended options include part time (usually at the beginning or end of the instructional day), hybrid, and online enhanced (playground). Blended learning includes comp HS, alt HS, online school.

Going modular in training so that pieces of courses can be put together to met individual needs of students Rti, ISPs etc. PLAYGROUNDS to support areas of giftedness.

They have an online counselor who helps with the consistency in communication. Their school finishes before traditional school. Very important to maintain communication and education with the community.

Al students can enroll they have 43 courses and growing. They have a course repository where teachers share their courses for all schools. 7500 students in at least one online or blended ourselves. Of the largest school districts Jeffco is fifth in grad work and they attribute that to virtual. Expanding to MS especially in LOTE. They do not currently offer elem virtual but have their kids involved in many online experiences.

Job postings for course creations. Pay 13,000 to 15,000 per team per full year course. Prefer teams of 4 but will take 2. involves team of teachers tech curriculum specialists. Course development begins in sept and ends in may. Use adjunct teachers for online teachers of electives. Establish full FTE based on 150 students enrolled in a course(s) by one teacher. Load all students enrolled in their schools and activate account whe enrolled in either hybrid or online course.

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