Turn Around Your At-Risk Students/School Using a Hybrid Model (Aurora C)
Troy Braley, Brady Exploration School

Participants will learn strategies on how to turn around at-risk students/schools based on a case study of a 400-student at risk high school. These strategies will range from changing the schedule using existing staffing to web-based programs that are successful or unsuccessful. Data will be shared of how students have gained 7 years reading in one semester, decrease discipline and dramatically increase student achievement and attendance.

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Brady Exploration School
"learn anywhere, anytime at an accelerated pace."
Troy Braley
303.982.6723 fax
12 staff members
36 students per semester
Urban school border of Denver and lakewood
Given $200,000 3 years ago
82 students
Many adjudicated 63% attendance rate
1 out 4 involved in a fight
9 - 12 dropped out - nobody else wants these kids
Beamz - disrupts laser to create sounds - costs $150
Breakthrough Coach - essential part of becoming a better leader
What's different?
  • All core classes are hybrid
  • Every student has a computer
  • Teachers work in teams
    • 2 teachers per classroom (research shows that 2 teachers together - Katy Haycock)
  • Weekly progress monitoring
  • Academic review board
  • Mandatory LifeSkills elective
  • Advisement schedule, STAR (Students and Teachers Achieving Results) period
    • Addresses academic, attendance and behavior with programs such as Check and Connect and Why Try
Flexible Student Schedules
  • Students can choose from three sessions:
    • 8 AM - 12:35 PM Mon-Fri
    • 11 AM - 5:30 PM Mon - Thurs
    • 3:30 PM - 8:55 PM Mon - Thurs
  • GPA - 100% increase
  • Increase in course completion from 34% to 81%
  • 35 students tested out of reading in one semester
Attendance and Discipline
  • Average student increased rate by 87.4%
  • Discipline decreased by 67%
Who are Brady Students?
Students who
  • Wish to graduate early (3 years instead of 4)
  • Desire a schedule that works with their work, family commitments, sleep habits
  • Found online school difficult to do without help; Brady teachers provide 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Don't fall behind when they are sick; they can just pick up where they left off.
Student Demographics
360 students -- grades 10-12
  • 63% Hispanic; 7% Native American; 4% Black: 26% White
  • 63 % mobility
Community Resources
  • Monthly parent meetings
    • Parent resource classes
  • GED prep
  • The ROAD
  • Indian Education
Students get school credits for passing ACT tests
6 math teachers
4 social studies
4 english
4 science
Getting netbooks with Verizon so that students can use computers at home if they don't have internet access
All classes are asynchronous all students at different places in a course at any given time
Social Studies - designing own classes - available to anyone around the world in January 2011
Science - SPARK systems
WiziQ to do online synchronous teaching(cannot afford Elluminate)
Funding: gets FTE from district but gets lots of grants - community involvement
Creating a free medical clinic
Needs infant care
100% teacher retention : Available January 2011 for all free courses

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